Is the Fed causing a deep recession

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Is the Federal reserve causing recession? Like it or not, central bank policy remains a principal driver of asset prices in the financial markets today. This year the Federal Reserve and many other central banks reversed years of easy monetary policy and began hiking interest rates & tightening their balance sheets. One of the worst years ever for stocks & bonds has ensued. As recently as last week, Fed Chair Jerome Powell answered comments for the public at the Brookings Institute and, given how they interpreted — or possibly misinterpreted — what they heard, the markets roared higher in response. So given its outsized influence, it’s always wise to pay close attention to the dynamics at the Fed and assess what it’s most likely to do next. To help us in that, we welcome noted Fed-watcher Axel Merk, President and Chief Investment Officer of Merk Investments to the program today.

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Silver and Gold continue to offer a safe haven for investors and traders alike. SLV and GLD continue their march north while physical bullion continues to hold deep value, and large premiums for those selling physical silver on 2nddary markets. Our thoughts is inflation has topped, but what is to follow is massive layoffs that follow. The global economy is highly leveraged, so things could unwind very fast in 2023. Is the Fed causing recession? Comment below.

GLD continues to be strong after filling the gap at 165 we will be watching for 165.55 to hold as support and for 166.87 to break as resistance.
SLV has been very strong since the start of fall and continues to strengthen we will be watching 21.07 to hold as support and 21.22 resistance to break. typically, gold and silver are recession prove we will see if that holds true. stay tuned for more is the fed causing recession.

Disclaimer: this is not financial advice and only opinions based on our research. you may lose your entire investment. Markets are rapidly changing and what is true now may not be true months from now.

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