Silver Deals

If you are looking for silver deals, then you came to the right spot. We have compiled coins, bars and other items containing silver that will give you the best bang for your buck. First of all, you have to decide if you want silver rounds or government issued silver. Typically, if you are buying silver for weight, you will get a much better price than you will buying government issued silver. Another thing to keep in mind is the larger the bar (weight) the closer the silver will be to spot. You’ll notice a 10 OZ bar is cheaper than buying 10 1 oz coins. If you are looking for weight, we have found that walking liberties are great to stack due to their inexpensiveness and they are recognizable by dealers and silver collectors.

Walking Liberty 1 Oz Silver Rounds

Another great way to stack silver is buying 90% silver quarters, dimes from pre-1965. These contain lower quantity of silver but allow the buyer to get government issued silver without breaking the bank.

90% Silver Quarters, Silver Dimes Pre-1965 Junk Silver Coins

Morgan Dollars is another great way to get silver at a lower price. Morgan dollars are older and usually tarnished unlike the typical 2020- 2023 new and shiny coins you see from dealers. You are buying a piece of history as well as getting constitutional silver that’s government issued.

Morgan Dollar - Common Circulated, No Grade, 90% Silver

Government issued silver deals.

The South African Krugerrands are very nice and 1 troy OZ and government issued. They are highly recognizable and probably the closest to spot for government issued silver.

South African Krugerrand - 1 Troy Oz .999 Silver

Canadian Maples are next on the list for getting high-quality government issued silver at a reasonable price.

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf (1 oz)

We hope you enjoyed this article on silver deals. In the current times where demand continues to be high and shortages are continuing it’s hard to find reasonable prices for bullion, so we took the time for you. Please like and share and check out our store. Dollar To Silver Ratio is now $0 – Cranes Financial News

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