3 Banks Fail & Silver Gold Explode – JUST THE BEGINNING

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In this video I talk about the 3 US banks that failed over the last week and how gold and silver prices exploded as a result. Silvergate Bank failed on March 8th, Silicon Valley Bank failed on Marth 10th, and Signature Bank failed on March 12th. SVB failure was the second largest bank failure in US history and Signature bank was the 3rd largest bank failure in US history. Silicon Valley Bank was the 16th largest bank in America. Silver price is up massive today and gold price is up as well. I believe that the recent bank failures will eventually lead to a CBDC and more governmental control. If you want to invest in silver or invest in gold now is a great time to start protecting yourself. I like to buy silver and gold so that my wealth is outside of the banking and fiat currency system. I have been silver stacking for over 5 years now and I am happy I purchased precious metals. Gold and silver prices are up today because people are flocking to the safe haven assets. Check out the videos below 3 banks fail.

Buy Gold and Silver
Buy Gold and Silver

3 banks fail.

March has gotten very strange as the financial system begins to crumble. Silver and gold continue to be top priority among old investors and new alike as they look to protect their wealth from the potential disasters ahead. Silver rose over 7% today as banks like First financial dropped 70% on the day and others tumbled with it. Keep your head on a swivel because things are getting bumpy. Very, very bumpy. Interesting to note that Silver outperformed gold today, could because the massive price differential, but keep an eye on both as physical assets become a priority.

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