Bullion Beats Failing Banks || Gold Silver Market Update

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Bullion beats failing banks

https://www.youtube.com/c/sdbullion?s… The beginning clip is how a fictional global run to physical bullion and cash was portrayed in the 1981 financial movie, Rollover (1981). Reality is always stranger and far more detailed than any fiction mere writers could dream up, especially fiction from 42 years ago. While we have only recently witnessed digital bank wire and ACH bank runs mostly. We are beginning to see further cracks in the global bank and financial system that are only further propelling the world into a run for their cash, clean balance sheets, and physical bullion products.

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Bullion beats failing banks, silver bullion has been on a terror since the start of the banking crisis last week. Silver has gone up 9.06% this week as people started moving their money to safer investments after Silicon Valley Bank troubles, signature bank, and First Republic bank issues. investors are realizing banks aren’t as safe as they thought and would rather store their wealth in metals something tangible that they can hold. A lot has been happening in the year of 2023 with more QE being done from the government. Powell will have to decide if they will cut rates raise them or keep them the same. However, it may be too little too late after the endless since pandemic. Since the banking crisis crypto has also gained massive momentum. Bitcoin has gone up over $8,000 dollars hitting 27,222 since the turn events with the banks. Let us know your thoughts will Inflation ever be under control?

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Strap in because this was a wild week of bullion-related news.

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