Robert Kiyosaki – WARNING a Crash is Coming!

Robert Kiyosaki – WARNING a Crash is Coming!

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This video talks about some tweets that Robert Kiyosaki recently made talking about silver price in 2023 and how a crash is coming. Robert Kiyosaki has been talking about gold and silver for many years. Robert Kiyosaki’s silver price prediction for silver is $500 per oz by the year 2025. In this video I got over 3 recent Robert Kiyosaki tweets talking about silver price and an incoming crash. Robert Kiyosaki said that he has recently bought many silver buffalo rounds or generic silver rounds because he feels like the current price is low.

1 Oz Silver Buffalo Round

I have been silver stacking for a few years myself and I do agree that the silver price is currently low. Silver usually does the opposite of whatever the dollar does. The USD is at a 20 year high. I agree that when the FED pivots and the dollar gets dramatically weaker that silver price will go up. I do not know if $500 silver is likely in the next few years or not but either way, I will be buying more silver myself.

1/4 Ounce Buffalo SILVER Round, .999 Pure

Silver has been dipping as of late and may provide a nice buying opportunity for those looking to get silver bullion a little cheaper. so far paper silver slv has fallen about. $2.50 since hitting 22.50. We will be watching these key areas of support and resistance.

Pivot Analysis
Price Pivot$ 19.87
Day Resistance 1$ 19.98
Day Support 1$ 19.80
Day Resistance 2$ 20.05
Day Support 2$ 19.69

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