US debt and silver What Massive US Liabilities Mean

US debt and

US debt and silver

More debt will ultimately devalue the dollar, causes prices to increase, salaries and pay will have to go up in order to maintain current living standards. More debt will ultimately end in disaster. We will certainly see a shrinking middle class; the poor get poorer and as the old saying goes the rich get richer. It’s a wonder why we saw so much wealth created in 2020 were the already elites preparing themselves for a economic catastrophe? Probably. So, what can regular people do to ease the pain. Buying gold,

I’ve seen bullion at around $25.00 per an oz (couple dollars over spot) or American peace dollars and Kennedy half dollars at roughly 15-17 dollars (which all contain about 90% silver) and pricing of course depends on condition and year.

Budgeting silver

Let’s say you bought 1 oz of silver bullion a week at $26 per ounce since the price fluctuates with the market. That would give you 52 oz of silver a year at a cost basis of $1,352 in fiat dollars to achieve. not to shabby. Let’s say you want to accumulate a little more silver than one oz a week you want 10 oz a week. 10 oz a week at $26 per oz is %260 a week in silver purchases. times that by 52 your total cost basis is $13,520 and you would have 2,600 oz of silver which is quite a good amount. Of course, 13,520 a year is quite a large portion of cash, but it does protect the investor incase if the dollar. Ever took a turn for the worst. If you liked this article, please like and share our post US debt and silver.

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