Billionaire Says Gold is Headed for $25,000 an Ounce!

Gold price to 25000?

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In this video he talks about gold price going up to $25,000 an ounce. Billionaire Pierre Lassonde has forecast the price of gold to rise significantly, and I show that we are on pace to hit $25,000 gold in the future. It can be difficult to come up with a gold price prediction that is accurate. If I were to make a gold price forecast of $25,000 then I would need to do some serious research on the price of gold in 2023 and where I think gold price is headed. Pierre Lassonde made his gold price prediction a few years back and because he was head of the World Gold Council his gold price prediction still has merit today. Pierre Lassonde has made his wealth off of investing in gold mining companies.

Gold Price to 25000

Can gold really hit a price of 25,000 an oz? It’s possible for sure, but a lot of events would have to happen in order for it to gain that kind of momentum. We personally prefer Silver over gold at these prices because it’s so cheap in comparison and is used in a lot more economical products. However, gold is the rich man’s money so, it will always be preferred. As regulars cannot afford to put down $1,800 or more into a gold coin whereas silver being priced at $24 is much more affordable for the average person.

With the US hitting the debt ceiling and more than likely raising the debt ceiling which will in turn devalue the dollar This will of course cause both gold and silver to continue increasing in prices. The debt ceiling is more of a political show that ends in them printing more cash and citizens forking the bill as usual. With markets being as Shakey as they have been to start the year, we can expect more bullion buying and money moving to safer investments aka gold and silver.

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